Editorial: Sen. Ubah leads Soludo in debate as…

Sen. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah

The trending issue on the debate between Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo and Sen. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has long started and astute judges need to start putting scores together as we await the final face.

This is not to say Ikedoji Best Point News is ruling out Valentine Chineto Ozigbo and Sen. Dr. Andy Uba, but Valentine Ozigbo may not have to join any debate now and Andy Uba will not be trigger happy for a debate.

Therefore let’s take a closer look at the strength of Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo and Sen. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah.

As terminus ad quo, debate is simply an argument about a ‘particular’ subject matter in a formal manner witnessed by judges and audience. In Igbo (nrurita uka or mgbaha)

Thus, the particular subject matter is leadership of a state; Political Leadership.

We must agree that in the matter of leadership, both Sen. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah and Pro. Chukwuma Charles Soludo are laymen. Why?

Prof. Soludo is a professor of Economics that is dealing with forces of demand and supply, scarcity and opportunity cost. Yes, Prof. Soludo studied human behaviour, but only in relation to end and scarce means which has alternative uses.

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Sen. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah holds a degree in law , so he studied human behaviour too, but only in relation to obedience to letters of the law and spirit of the law.

Thus, when talking about leadership which is an art of instructing, directing, channelling both human and material resources towards achieving a particular goal, both of them are lay men and if they ever get it right is not because of what they learnt in class, but has more to do with their predisposition.

Thus, we will objectively score them looking at the qualities of a good leader , we will do that over ten

The above table is qualities of a good leader from which we scored Sen. Ubah and Prof. Soludo

1. Communication: communication here is inter personal communication and ability to use modern means of communication.

Prof. Chukwuma Charles Soludo (though may speak good grammar has proven to be insensitive and proud) 5 marks

Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah (Very efficient in use of modern means of communication and owns Authority: Newspaper, FM, TV, though could get upset sometimes) 9 marks

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2. Confidence: we will be looking at self confidence

Prof. Soludo (Though academically sound, but refusing to face those he ought to be better than in APGA primaries is low self esteem) 4 Marks

Sen. Ubah (For coming out during the end SARS to secure Government facilities and even challenging a Professor to open debate) 10 Marks

3. Empathy: we will be looking at feeling for and with others and your immediate environmental impact

Prof. Soludo ( Save Mgbafor hospital, Isuofia has zero presence of Soludo) 2 Marks

Sen. Ubah ( Presence in Nnewi too conspicuous and embarrassingly charitable) 10 Marks

4. Integrity: This has to do more with prominence and wholeness.

Prof. Soludo (could have data to back this up) 9 marks

Sen. Ubah ( is in the hallowed Chamber of NS) 7 marks

5. Accountability: This has to do with management of public funds

Prof. Soludo (has handled CBN and has case with EFCC ) we won’t score yet.

Sen. Ubah ( has handled only one public funds TAN; Transformation Agenda of Nigeria , we don’t think EFCC has invited him for mismanagement of public fund) we won’t score yet.

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NB: after the debate we score Accountability

6. Humility: has to do with lowliness of one self.

Prof. Soludo (opposite) humble only before his class 1 mark

Sen. Ubah ( Too accessible) 9 marks

7. Honesty: linked to accountability and we will score that after the debate

8. Courage: has more to do with being brave

Prof. Soludo: 8 marks
Sen. Ubah :. 8 marks

9. Delegation; we will score this after the debate

10. Transparency: This has to do with administrative openness and both of them may be self styled on this subject matter

Prof. Soludo: 7 marks
Sen. Ubah: 7 marks

11. Empowerment: self explanatory

Prof. Soludo: 2 marks
Sen. Ubah: 10 Marks

12. Self Awareness: more of mental preparation

Prof. Soludo (for academic reasons ) 8 marks

Sen. Ubah (for efforts) 7 marks

13. Active Listening: self explanatory

Prof. Soludo ( only listen to himself) 2 marks

Sen. Ubah ( listen to everybody, but may not throw away his position ) 7 marks

Grand Total

Prof. Soludo scored 48 points

Sen. Ubah scored 84 points

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