‘Gaudare’: Happy Birthday HRH Obi A.C Obi (Ogidi IV) Obi of Nnewi



Once more, Nnewi is thrown into jubilation as His Royal Highness Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi (Ogidi IV) Obi Uruagu Nnewi and the second among the four equals Obi’s of Nnewi celebrates his aged birthday.

HRH Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi (Ogidi IV) Obi Uruagu Nnewi

Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi (Ogidi IV) who autonomously rules over 15 out of the 51 administrative wards of Nnewi namely: Ndiojukwu ward 19, Umumejiaku 20, Akaboedoji 21, Okpunoeze 22, Akaboukwu 23, (Ndi Obi/Umuonwuatuegwu) Akaboukwu 24 (Isu/Umungo), Umumeagbu 25, Obiagu 26, Umumeagbu 27 (Umungo), Edoji 28 (Umudu-Alo), Edoji 29 ( Umudi- Melu-Gini), Okpuno 30, Umuezeagu 31, Akaboezem 32 and Okpunoeze 51 (Amangwu). These wards were drawn from the traditional settlement of Umuezenwanagum, Umumeagbu, Edoji, Okpuno, Umuezeagu and Akaboezem.

Ogidi IV is a descendant of Ezeafuogu who was the founder of Uruagu; who upon settlement married Ifeaghaonye; a daughter of Ezeana Isu. His descendants includes; Ezenwanagum, Dikeafuna, Ezeonala, Umeanyiliora, Ezeorimili, Okonkwo Ogbufo, and Umeaghaukwu among others.

Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi (Ogidi IV) Obi Uruagu Nnewi

He was from records succeeded subsequently by HRH Obi John Akabogu Chukwuana Obi (Ezeogidi) who happens to be from whom the contemporary Uruagu started counting the title Ogidi; thus, he can be referred to as (Ogidi I). He married from the Orizu Royal family of Otolo Nnewi.
It’s worthy of note that his only sister Madam Angelina Igboanuzo Nwosu was married to Chief Ezeodumegwu Nwosu (Onuora Nnewi) of Otolo.


Ezeogidi who actually succeeded his father Chief Umeaghaukwu Ogbufo Ezeorimili was succeeded by his son HRH Obi Daniel Obi (Umeozuruigbo); now (Ogidi II) and Umuozuruigbo was later succeeded by the legendary monarch HRH Obi Nnamdi Charles Obi (Ogidi III) who handed over to the current monarch whom Nnewi is celebrating today, Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi (Ogidi IV)

The autonomy of the four quarters of Nnewi can best be understood from the minutes of the meeting held on Saturday, November 6th, 1993 presided over by Hon. Dr. A.A Orizu in his God’s own village, Otolo Nnewi, he , himself, after listening diligently to the claim of Retired Justice Ikeotuonye that Nnewi had four son’s, namely Otolo, Uruagu, Umudim and Nnewichi
that Otolo was the first son and therefore should control others, Hon. Dr. A.A Orizu frankly and courageously told his brother from Otolo community, that as far as he was concerned, he knows too well that Nnewi has FOUR OBIS and each has executive powers to administer his own community or subjects without any hindrance or interference whatsoever from any other Obi or community.
(Cf. G.A.O Obi, 2008, P. 21).

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Save festivals like Igba Ota, Ikwu Aru and Isi Ebili another reason why the Four Traditionally-Interdependent, Autonomous Communities decided to have Nkwo Nnewi Triangle as a rallying point was for meetings that borders on collective administration to avoid receiving any abuse from anybody or somebody trying to assert superiority over others. Though alternatively, meetings could be held in Obaisiedo square.

In fact, the colonial master’s upon realising this existential reality which THE CURRENT CUM SUCCESSIVE GOVERNMENT OF ANAMBRA STATE HAS TURNED BLIND EYE TO GRANTED WARRANT TO EACH OF THE FOUR OBIS; this indicated instrument of individual authority in their various domains. Thus powers to try cases within their territory and to also collect taxes from all taxable adults within their area of jurisdiction, of course, on behalf of the Government, were bestowed upon each of them.

Today, we join all men of good will to celebrate the youngest monarch in Nnewi and may the reign of Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi (Ogidi IV) continue to be fruitful.

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Long Live HRH Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi (Ogidi IV) Obi Uruagu Nnewi.

Sir Augustine Ike (Dip. CAM, Dip. L.L, B.Phil, B. A, B.Sc., M.A-inview) kSJI

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Augustine Onyekachukwu Ike KSJI -Ikedoji hails from Edoji Uruagu Nnewi. He was a former Governorship Aspirant Anambra State under APP and is still the undisputed Publicity Secretary Nzuko Ora Nnewi (Nnewi Town Union). Ikedoji as fondly called is one of the founders of Ogbako Oha Nnewi; a Registered Organisation founded on equity and fairness; strategically positioned to take Nnewi to the next phase of development in all ramifications.

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