Igwe Nnewi Hails Oduma! As he saves Millions from..


HRH Igwe Dr K O N Orizu III JP, CON, Igwe Nnewi hails Dr. Okechukwu Chidolue as he completes the Premium Kidney Centre which will save millions of Nigerians from Renal Related Diseases in Akwuogananya Enclave, Edoji, Uruagu Nnewi.

Igwe Nnewi tours Premium Kidney Centre Akwuogananya Enclave Edoji

Igwe Nnewi made this remark while supervising the structure which he laid it’s foundation stone few months ago. The Igwe was amazed at the speed of light in which the work is progressing.

Oduma foundation in partnership with Premium Kidney Centre which is a foreign establishment is set to combat Renal Related Diseases in Nigeria after completing the centre which is over ninety percent completed in Akwuogananya Enclave Edoji Uruagu Nnewi.

Oduma claims also that majority of those who benefit from the treatment overseas and very few hospitals that can handle the cases in Nigeria are appear to represent only the very rich class.

Igwe Nnewi HRH Igwe Dr K O N Orizu III JP CON, Oduma Nnewi on blue stripe T.Shirt among other stakeholders during the facility tour

The above realities form the critical force behind the engagement of Oduma Kidney Foundation in sourcing revenue to promote an all inclusive center here in Nnewi where opportunity for early detection and management of the disease becomes easily accessible for both the rich class and the class of the have not.

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According to report from Pressmen who witnessed the event:

Oduma explained that they will begin with a minimum of 16 dialysis chairs. “The water treatment required for the dialysis operations will be formulated in the designated space here”, he said.

“As time goes on, the hospital will be performing the kidney transplant procedures will be here. Our associates will schedule and perform kidney transfer procedures here in Nigeria. Through the effort of Oduma Nnewi and some like-minds, it is becoming a reality that Nnewi is gearing up to be the health destination for Renal Issues and Transplants, and possibly, Center for Excellence in health well-being.

HRH Igwe Orizu could not hide the excitement he felt at what he saw, especially when he learnt that all the equipment are right now in Nigeria.

Igwe while calling upon God with kola, to pour blessings on his son, Chief Okey Chidolue and the larger family, insisted that his late father would be so happy that his son nurtured this brilliant idea for humanity.

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Igwe took time to articulate the benefits that await his sons and daughters of the town. “That God keeps blessing Nnewi through this type of selfless acts as you just did”.

The great Chidolue family have the history of attracting landmark projects along that road in Nnewi, in the past, his father; Chief Ejike Chidolue in the Old Eastern House of Assembly attracted the famous Water Works and Nnewi Post Office.

This August visit we gathered was witnessed by many stakeholders and family members of the Chidolue family.

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