The Rising Cases of Covid-19 in Nnewi and the Silence of Governor Obiano

Ubah Spooked Obiano
His Excellency Chief Dr Willie Mmaduabuchukwu Obiano; Amu Ogun. The Executive Governor Anambra State

The urgent need for every right thinking Nnewi man to reduce the rate at which he goes out during this period is what engineered this piece as against the political performance of His Excellency Chief Dr Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obiano Akpokue Dike Aguleri.

The rate of community transmission of Covid-19 in Nnewi is becoming alarming and more alarming is the general silence of the constituted authorities who were already unofficially notified of the spread of the pandemic in Nnewi.

What could be responsible for the spread of Covid-19 in Nnewi?

The Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital is about the only accredited or the most efficient place in which the Covid-19 could be treated in Anambra State and this facility has been facilitated by the Anambra Progressives as the body has built and handed over a standard disease control centre in the permanent site of which my humble self played a great role to ensure it was situated therein.

What we are yet to understand is why the Covid-19 patients are still received and treated in the compacted Teaching Hospital temporary site. Could this be the cause of the rise and the consequential community transmission of the virus in Nnewi?

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While we contemplate the above, we noticed that a lot of ndi Nnewi residing in USA and London returned to Nnewi for one ceremony or the other and all these ceremonies, I repeat all these ceremonies are holding without enforcement of the facemask rules or other Covid-19 measures by the local authorities or the state authorities.
As a result, we noticed that a lot of persons who were relatively healthy as at 1st January 2021 in Nnewi have suddenly dropped dead ; especially, those above the age sixty. These random statistics is a clear indication that all is not well in Nnewi and we are missing out each time we refuse to accept the reality of the second wave of Covid-19 in Nnewi.

While we continue to explore the above as another possible cause of the spread of the second wave of the virus in Nnewi, we must not ignore the carelessness of the churches in Nnewi; especially, those holding random end of year crusades and vigils without being vigilant over the Covid-19 pandemic. Could it be that most of this community transmission of the virus take place in some of these places of worship; especially, those places headed by MEN OF GOD who are of the opinion that the Covid-19 is a political virus and do not have business with a child of God. Well this position of the Covid-19 not affecting the child of God is not verifiable, but we are all children of God and some of us who have died were diagnosed of the deadly Covid-19.

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Yes we do, but more importantly, we can stay at home and stay safe, because prevention is better than cure.

The only saviour we have in Nnewi is that our weather is relatively high temperature and the Covid-19 must be finding it difficult to move from one infected body to another.

Thus, what we need is to adopt the Principle of Self Preservation and seat at home, but if you must go out, please go along with your facemask and hand sanitizer, while observing social distancing to the best of your ability.

Maybe, why the Governor is silent is because he must have presumed that of all the people in the world, onye Nnewi should be able to protect himself. Brothers and Sisters, we must protect ourselves and Environment from the pollution of Covid-19 by reminding ourselves every morning that Nnewi is gradually turning to USA and London and it’s no longer safe to keep mingling in-between crowded places and or function.

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Protect Yourself from Covid-19 and do not wait for the executive governor of Anambra State to do that for you

Sir Augustine Ike


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