Uruagu Nnewi Debate: Between Obi Afam Iloka and Obi Afam Obi who is more powerful? (Opinion Pool)


As Uruagu Nnewi Community Development Union UNCDU election continue to take different dimension both legitimate and illegitimate, the investigative department of Ikedoji Best Point News just discovered that Uruagu Nnewi Community has a new Mayor in the person of Obi Afam Iloka; (Obibuenyi). The Obi of Ebenator community.

It takes a very good historian on Uruagu Nnewi Community settlement to understand that Obi Ebenator, Obi Edoji, Obi Ezeafogu (Obi Uruagu) Obi Isu are distinct settlement in today Uruagu Nnewi Community going by primordial arrangements.

HRH Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi (Ogidi IV) Obi Uruagu Nnewi

Though this Opinion Pool is not focused on the history of Uruagu Nnewi Community but on how strong Obibuenyi has become today in Uruagu Nnewi Community.

This debate was generated because Ikedoji Best Point News gathered that Obibuenyi invited the ward Chairmen of Uruagu Nnewi Community to discuss election matters without the explicit permission of Obi Uruagu Nnewi! His Highness Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi. Our management got to know of this development after the publication by Elomba.com on the dangers of conducting Uruagu Nnewi Community Development Union election when the matter is still in court. It was learnt that the publication was suspended, because Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi called to say that he is not aware of the election and not a party to it.

Well, spectators waited for him to go and write petition in zone 13 Police Station as he did previously in January 2021 when he truncated the already concluded election with his petition in zone 13 Police Station ukpo of which we may not publish for security reasons. Or atleast call the Town crier to announce that there’s no election, but he did not do either rather, he planned to travel out of town, but why?

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For the safety of the contributors, real names will not be used, but the opinion on this matter and the election scheduled to hold against court order will be shared.

1. Why Obi Afam Iloka Dragged His Highness Obi Nnamdi Obi of great memories to Court

A contributor from Edoji ward 28 who wished that his name will not be mention narrated the crisis from womb till tomb. According to our source, after the tenure of Obi Nnamdi AC Obi the immediate passed Obi Uruagu Nnewi as the Chairman of the Isi Obis of Uruagu Nnewi , it became the turn of Obi Afam Iloka Obibuenyi to head the body after he defeated another Obi in a keenly contested election.

However, the narrative changed when the matter of the popular Osuofia Edoji came up and judgement was written in favour of Osuofia in the absence of Obibuenyi and was brought to him to sign as the Chairman. (Note that the substance of the dispute is not necessary). Obi Afam Iloka Obibuenyi upon refusal to sign the judgement was called by the person the judgement favoured and was told that he has been removed as the Chairman of the Isi Obis. The only power this person has to remove Obi Afam Iloka was his wealth as the person is not an Obi. Immediately, the judgement was rewritten and His Highness signed it as Chairman of the Isi Obis.
Thus, Obi Afam Iloka dragged them to court and we gathered he remained in court until the exit of the great Obi Uruagu His Highness Obi Nnamdi AC Obi (Ogidi III).

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However, Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi (Ogidi IV) upon assumption of his throne inherited fifteen Obis in Uruagu Nnewi Community as against the usual six, but they were fourteen and he brought back Obi Afam Iloka Obibuenyi to join them.

Upon return, we gathered that Obi Afam Iloka became a very strong ally of Ogidi IV with the singular agenda of returning the Obis to six.

While he was pushing this agenda, Uruagu Nnewi Community Development Union crisis started. He saw it as a window and immediately aligned with Hon. Charles Nwonye PG UNCDU. However, within the twinkle of an eye, he took a U-turn and re-signed with Ogidi IV. Though this observer said that there’s something fishy as he noticed that Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi do not interfer with the dealings of Obi Afam Iloka Obibuenyi for obvious reasons.
When our correspondent asked him to state the reasons, he declined.

2. Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi is trying to accommodate everybody
The second contributor is from Ndiojukwu Uruagu Nnewi Community. He happens to be one of the strong persons from the community and has reasonable global impact. According to him, Obi Afamefuna Charles Obi Ogidi IV has no problem. He only fall within the personality types that find decision making difficult.

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This contributor go ahead to argue that not everybody knows how to work under pressure. Some people quickly return to their net or become completely withdrawn once pressure is high. He however, do not subscribe to Ogidi IV having “sacred cows’, but largely believes that he will learn on the job.

While this contributor maybe fair enough, do not conclude until you read the remaining three contributions and know why Obi Afam Iloka Obibuenyi is no doubt the new Mayor of Uruagu Nnewi Community. He got a financier and agenda to execute though maybe for the good of Uruagu Nnewi Community, but we leave our readers to be the judge .

To be continued

Onyinye Okafor

Investigative Journalist

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  1. Lately, your medium gets so excited about news that’s intended to tear Uruagu apart. I wonder whose interest is served with all of these . Posterity will judge everyone for whatever part they play in doing good and or doing bad.